Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pet Peeves

I participated in a "Pet Peeves" comment diversion over at my favorite website, Pajiba, and do you know what? I think that almost every pet peeve anyone else had, I had too! I had just ceased to notice the things that I found irritating, but after reading all of the rants that other people had, I found that these things were magnified infinitely.

On my way to pick up my son from pre-school, these are some of the things that irritated me:

- I think that out of the 50 or so people that changed lanes near me, only one or two actually used their blinkers.
- I stopped at Blockbuster, and almost everyone irritated me! I had:
-A rude/apathetic cashier
-Not one, but three families in front of me in line with loud and uncontrollable children.
-A person standing behind me talking loudly on her cell phone in a different language.
On the way back home, I was tailgated excessively. Listen up all of you tailgaters: If I am driving at or above the speed limit, and you tailgate me, I will slow down just to piss you off!

Also, just as an aside, I hate it when people say "expresso." It's eSpresso, people! Not that hard.

Okay, I'm done now.

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