Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Blog!

I finally gave up on remembering the password to my old Blog, so I'm just starting a new one.

Three weeks ago, I moved back to my hometown in the San Joaquin Valley after living in Humboldt County for three years. I feel seriously homesick for the ocean, clean air, and small town environment already. I have yet to find a job, and haven't gotten in touch with many of my friends, so for right now I'm a little lonely. I'll spend my days job hunting, and evenings online, hunting for things to do.


Benjamin Hayek said...

Hey there, it's your new friend, Ben, from Feministing.com! Glad you hear you just moved back to you home-town. Ironically, I just did the very same thing two days ago, so I thought I'd say hello and mention that we're kind of in the same boat together in that regard. Happy Holidays, ~B

Alexandra said...


I'm glad that someone followed my link. I just started posting comments on Feministing.com last night, but I've been reading it for many months. I've noticed your posts before. Happy holidays to you as well.